3 Great Soup Recipes to Warm You Up!

Hello Friends! Can I just say I am in Day after Valentine’s sugar crash! There was so much sweet goodness and fun to be had. How about you? Was it a busy weekend or a time to relax? Let’s just forget about the 40 days of rain that we are experiencing across the South East. So, to pick you up and just get a fresh kick off to a new week, here are some delicious soup recipes that we have worked into our meal plan.

Chicken Chili—Recipe #1

This one is so easy. I love a recipe that you can grab a rotisserie chicken and throw that in especially when time is not on your side. This is a family pleaser for all and will fill you up. Just add tortilla strips or chips if you like!

Chicken Noodle Soup—Recipe #2

Mr Chaos was on a mission this week to find a knock off to his beloved Chick Fil A chicken noodle soup. This, my friends, really came close. So close even the teens gave it a thumbs up of approval. Once again, you can speed up the process with a Rotisserie Chicken! Woohoo!!

Crockpot Potato Soup—Recipe #3

Potato Soup is a family favorite around our home. We have tweaked it so many times in so many ways by adding corn, ham, and sautéed onions and green peppers. This recipe is great because you can make it easily in your crock pot and you are set for dinner. And if you need a little more, just add a green salad!

You can also find all these recipes on our Pinterest board here! Hope you enjoy them!

Simple Valentine’s Day Decorating

Good Morning, everyone! It’s Kendall!

How are you? How has your week been?

Did you hear from Punxsutawney Phil, and the 6 more weeks of winter??? I guess it hasn’t been a terrible winter. But most people I interact with in my area are in consensus: WE WANT ONE SNOW DAY! Nothing big, just some southern snow that is gone by mid-day.

So, its about a week and a half left till Valentine’s Day. We decorated a bit, and I can’t decide if the decorating is too early or too late. Is Valentine’s Day a decorating worthy holiday?! Someone help me decide.

Any who, we did some simple decorating and here’s what happened.

Here we added just a touch of valentines. A pop of red and pink on the chair, mantle, and coffee table.

On our media cabinet, we replaced the winter candle with a string of wooden beads and a few hearts. This metal framed house we found at Target last season and the beads are from Decor Steals. We always like to go simple, BUT if you wanted to add to this little corner, you could with a candle or some flowers even!

This pink bowl I picked up from the left over pottery table after a class. We didn’t have a good use for it until now! Since there weren’t enough wooden hearts to fill the bowl, the bottom is filled with large potpourri fruit and then topped with the hearts and a string of wooden beads.

It is simple Valentine’s decorating but perhaps that is what will be good for this year.



Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts

Good Morning, Lovely People! Kendall here!

I hope your week is off to a great start. Can you believe it is already February!? Now, I am not looking to press the gas and fly by with the year. I am looking to enjoy the year and take in all the joys it has. Smell all the flowers.


This week the Chaos home is preparing for the highlight holiday of the month, Valentines day ❤ Every year has been different for us. As young kids, mom used to make pancakes and hot cocoa in the morning. We each would receive something Valentines-ish, and dad would give mom her favorite flowers. SO SWEET!!!
This year, who knows what we shall do. Perhaps next week you shall see. Wink-wink.

This year we decided to do some crafting. Painted hearts and signs.

  1. Painted Wooden hearts.
    These are simple. Wooden hearts, paint, brushes, and an idea.

Here we painted medium sized hearts in red, pink, or white, allowed to dry, then added a touch of sparkle! (I love a dash of sparkle) I did a couple ombre hearts, mixing the red and white. Paint the red first, go over just a hair, then paint white over the other side and blend in the middle.

2. Painted Signs

These signs we found last year discounted at Hobby Lobby, never underestimate a good sale! We bought several of these signs. The Florida looking background was not going to work, so I painted over the image in white, at least twice. Just need to make sure that the original image is no longer visible. Then I laid out my medium hearts on top, tracing with a light pencil mark.

Then painting the hearts in red, pink, and gold (Love the sparkle!)

Links to some sources! We also used Deco Art, Anita’s, and Delta paints, but whatever acrylic paint you like best is good too!

3″x2.5″ Wooden Heart: $0.69

7” sign: $2.99 on clearance

Acrylic Paint: $1.99 in Red, Pink, and Gold

Now to decorate the home with pops of Valentines love ❤
What is your Valentine’s Day tradition? Would love to hear from y’all.